14 Most Expensive Military Operations Since 2000

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North Korean Crisis

I think President Clinton said it best when he said they were like a spoiled child who got antsy if he didn’t get your attention every now and then. In 2013, they certainly got everyone’s attention with the posturing about their nuclear program, setting off an underground nuclear test in February of that year and threatening the “final destruction” of South Korea a few days later. This caused the U.S. to increase the number of anti-ballistic missiles based in Alaska to 44 (up from 30). We also flew two B-2A Stealth Bombers nonstop to Korea, dumped practice payloads of explosives on the ground there (to prove to North Korea we could do it to them whenever we wanted), and moved stealth aircraft to South Korean bases. This might not seem like a huge operation, but consider that each missile is worth tens of millions of dollars and the cost of a B-2 Stealth Bomber is… well, keep reading.

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