3 Simple Ways to Beat Acne

acneAcne affects millions of people all over the world. It does not choose age, race or gender. When it afflicts, it can both have physical and psychological effects to the person. Oftentimes, tips and advices on acne and skincare involves a suggested product, which you need to try out and buy. However, before trying out anti-acne products, try to observe these three simple tips first.

  1. Wash your face as often as you like as long as you use a mild cleanser.

Actually, there is nothing wrong with washing your face frequently as you like. What matters is the type of cleanser that you use. As long as it is mild enough not to disrupt the natural pH balance of the skin and it does not strip the skin’s natural moisture, there is nothing wrong with frequent washing.

When you have acne, your first objective should be to kill the bacteria present in the skin. This can only be achieved by frequent washing and using an anti-bacterial skincare product. In addition, facial scrubs are not really recommended for acne-prone skin as it can cause breaks to the skin. When using products containing astringents, make sure to apply it only in oil-prone areas like the T-zone. After washing, apply moisturizer to prevent drying, which can cause overproduction of natural oils in the skin.

  1.  Avoid any forms of contact with your face.

Holding your face frequently can cause bacteria and dirt to transfer easily from your hands. Moreover, pinching or squeezing your pimples, whiteheads and blackheads can also cause further damage to your skin, not to mention the added infection the skin contact could bring. Squeezing your pimples or pinching it will also cause scars to form.

Furthermore, dirty beddings especially pillowcases can be a cause of acne. Dirt, excess oil and old sloughed off skin stay in unwashed beddings. It can easily rub off the face, which can contribute to skin breakouts and infection.

Consider changing your hairstyle too if you have bangs or short wisps of hair framing your face. The hair touching the skin can also contribute to possible bacterial infection.

  1. Always choose non-comedogenic products for your face and hair.

Some makeup and beauty products can clog pores. Others are oil-based and can make the skin extra oily and sticky. Many women and makeup experts swear by mineral makeup. According to them, it is friendlier to the skin as it contains ingredients that are more natural. It also allows the skin and pores to breath despite putting on full coverage makeup. Furthermore, since the hair easily touches the face, avoid using oil or any oil-based products to your hair. It is also particularly useful if you have bacne too.

Many of us fail to realize that simple changes in our daily routine can bring a big difference to our skin. Before spending hundreds of dollars in products and beauty procedures, start with cost-free ones first. Who knows, these simple & free tips are the ones that could actually beat acne.

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