4 Challenging Body Weight Exercises You Should Try

Body weight exercises can be a challenging and time efficient means for getting into great shape.  Many exercisers mistakenly believe that body weight exercises are just for beginners.  Nothing could be further for the truth!  Many body weight exercises take a high level of skill and strength.

Body weight exercises

If you are ready for a challenge, try these 4 body weight exercises!

Single-leg down dog flow

  1. Start in the classic yoga pose Downward-Facing Dog.  You should be in an upside-down V position with your finger tips pressing into the ground, arms extending from the wrists and shoulder blades placed firm against your back.  Press your tail bone back and up as you firm your thighs and draw your heels toward the ground.
  2. Without shifting your weight, lift one leg off the ground toward the sky.
  3. Draw your lifted leg in toward your chest as you lower your hips and position your shoulders over the wrists.
  4. After briefly holding this one legged plank, return to the one legged Downward-Facing Dog pose and repeat three to eight times before switching sides.

Prone Around the World

  1. Lie face down on a flat bench or a yoga mat.  Keep your neck in a neutral position by resting your forehead on the floor or bench and slightly tuck your chin.
  2. Place your palms down on top of your glutes.  Brace your body by pressing your chest down, activate your core, and flex you glutes.
  3. Reach your arms out to the the sides and above your head in a circular pattern (rotate your arms as needed).
  4. Return your arms back to their starting position with your palms on your glutes.
  5. Throughout the movement keep your hands as high as you can.  Focus on making each repetition controlled and deliberate.

Straight legged, single-leg deadlift

  1. Start in a standing position with the feet together.  Focus attention on your posture.  Balance your head over your shoulders, bring tension to the core and glute muscles. Firmly plant your feet on the ground.
  2. Keep the arms relaxed and the torso stiff as you lower them while raising the right leg behind the body.
  3. Do not lock out the left knees, keep it slightly bent as you reach the arms as close to the floor as possible without rounding the spine.
  4. Raise the torso while lowering the right leg.  Switch legs.

Rotating T push-up

  1. Get into a classic push-up position on your toes and hands.  Remember to press your fingertips into the ground, rotate your shoulders so that your “elbow pits” face forward, contract your core and squeeze your glutes.
  2. Inhale as you bend your elbows and lower your body until your chest is a fists distance from the ground.
  3. Exhale while you push yourself back up and rotate the right side of your body up by pivoting in your toes and raising the right arm straight over your shoulder until your body forms a T.
  4. Return to the starting position.
  5. Repeat the move but rotate to the left


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