5 Beauty Rituals To Avoid

beauty rituals

It is alright to take care of your body, after all, it is your responsibility to do so. However, too much of everything causes more harm than good. If you do any of  these five beauty rituals, then it’s high time to reconsider your beauty regimen.

Excessive scrubbing / frequent exfoliation to get rid of acne

Exfoliation can do nothing to get rid of your acne. In fact, excessive exfoliation can cause your skin to dry out, become hypersensitive, irritated and become red. Three to four times a week is enough to help your skin slough off. If you have sensitive skin, twice a week is enough and make sure to use a gentle exfoliating wash or facial scrub. If you over exfoliate your skin, apply products containing tea tree oil, chamomile, cucumber or licorice root extract. It can relieve redness and inflammation as well as soothe damaged skin.

Tanning all year round

Frequent tanning can increase your risk of developing skin cancer. It also increases your risk of getting burned. Tanned skin is actually a sign of skin damage and therefore, should be given ample time to recover. In addition, frequent tanning can also cause wrinkles to develop. According to the FDA, indoor tanning should have an interval of 24 hours between sessions. Give time for your skin to adjust and produce melanin.

Excessive teeth whitening

Depending on the type of teeth whitening product you use, excessive teeth whitening can damage the enamel and root of the teeth or the gum tissue. Before applying any whitening products to your teeth, make sure to seek the advice of a dentist. Teeth whitening should be done once every six months. If sensitivity or discoloration occurs, stop using the product. Only buy trusted brands to make sure that your teeth receive the proper care that they need.

Too much hair straightening or perming

Too much styling and excessive heat can cause damage to the hair. Regular hair coloring can also break the hair cuticles, leading to dry and damaged hair. When undergoing regular straightening or perming treatments, make sure to give your hair a rest in between treatments. Avoid using straightening and curling irons everyday. As much as possible, do not color your hair at the same time as you straighten or curl it. Strengthen your hair shaft by using a protective hair product or have your hair undergo a hair treatment procedure in the salon.

Excessive hair waxing

Hair waxing is especially popular among women. Unwanted hairs on the legs, upper lip, underarm, eyebrows and bikini are the most waxed areas. However, not many people can tolerate the trauma of waxing. The procedure can cause redness, irritation and ingrown hair. There are also studies that show that Brazilian waxes can actually increase your chances of contracting sexually transmitted infections because of breaks in the skin brought about by waxing.


It is alright to take care of your body, after all, it is your responsibility to do so. However, too much of everything causes more harm than good. Subjecting your skin, hair, and teeth to chemical procedures can alter its natural state. When doing so, always keep in mind to stay within the recommended frequency of these procedures to prevent unnecessary damage to your skin, hair and teeth.

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