5 Best Ways to Remove Unwanted Hair

types of bikini wax

Types of bikini wax

Unwanted hair can really be a pain, especially for women. Although a lot of female celebrities would rather go au naturele and hairy armpit photos making waves in China, the majority of women still prefer to have smooth, silky and hairless skin.

Actually, even men want to have smooth, hair-free skin from the neck down. Take for example, swimmers, cyclists, bodybuilders and surprisingly, even football and basketball players now want smoother armpits and legs. Athletes nowadays, want their body hairs removed not only to help improve their performance, but for appearance as well.

Shaving may be the most common and easiest way to remove unwanted hairs in the body, however, there are better options out there, which provides more efficient results. Here are some of them:

1.     Diode Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal

Diode lasers, particularly the 810 nm diode is considered to be the gold standard when it comes to hair reduction and removal for those with skin types in the I to IV categories. For skin types V to VI (type I is the fairest and VI is the darkest), the best hair removal is the 810 nm diode laser combined with radio frequency energy.

It is best performed by a dermatologist, although some spas offer the procedure as well. The cost ranges between $100 an $500 per session with four to six sessions usually needed to completely eliminate unwanted hairs.

2.     Electrolysis

Electrolysis is one of permanent hair removal procedures. The procedure involves inserting a needle into the skin to deliver shortwave radio frequencies to destroy the hair follicle. It is more applicable for those with light hair, such as blonde, white or red hair, compared to the laser procedure.

The cost ranges between $80 and $100 per session with around four to six treatment sessions needed to completely eliminate hair growth.

3.     Threading

eyebrow threading

eyebrow threading

Threading is commonly done on eyebrows. However, it can also be performed on the upper lip, chin, and beard. It uses two cotton threads twisted around fine hairs to remove them. The procedure can be done faster than plucking but the pain is about the same. It costs around $7 per procedure. Threading is not advisable, however, for coarse hairs such as body hairs.

4.     Sugaring

Sugaring is just like waxing wherein a warm mixture is applied on the skin. However, it is less painful than waxing because the mixture only adheres to the hair but not on the skin. It costs around $15 and is more advisable for body hairs.

5.     Depilatory creams

Depilatory creams are perhaps the most painless way to remove unwanted hairs. It can be done quickly at home and is also cheap. A box of depilatory cream costs less than $20. One disadvantage of depilatory creams though, is the short effect compared to waxing or sugaring. The chemicals can also be harsh to the skin, so leaving it for too long can cause irritation and sometimes, an allergic reaction. When using hair removal creams for the first time, make sure to do a patch test first to see any allergic reaction.

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