5 Makeup Tricks to Look Younger

beauty-487076_640Makeups are supposed to make us look and feel good about ourselves. It is meant to enhance our best features and correct those that are flawed. Sometimes, we live unhealthy lifestyles and repeatedly do unfavorable habits that are damaging to the body. These factors and stress too, can add years to our appearance. One quick fix is to use makeup to chop off years to your face. This might not be a permanent fix but if you need to look good the next day for work, a special date or for a special occasion, then you need to resort to some makeup tricks to look younger.

1.     Use a foundation with yellow undertone.

Know why Asians look younger looking? One reason is their skin, which has yellow undertone in them. Warm colors, such as yellow, make the skin look younger. This trick is applicable for all including ebony skinned women.

2.     Go for optimal sheer coverage.

Never ever use foundation to give you an opaque or full coverage. Too much foundation produces a “cakey” effect which is a no-no when it comes to makeup. To avoid getting this look, use a damp sponge to apply your foundation. For best results, use the tip of a wedge sponge to dab the foundation. Blend it in using the same sponge for a sheer coverage.

3.     Avoid overly thin eyebrows.

A fuller brow looks more youthful compared to sparse, barely-there brows. An overly plucked, thin brows can have the same effect. When you pluck your eyebrows, make sure to only remove stray hairs. Fill in sparse areas with an eyeliner slightly lighter than the natural color of your hair. Shaping your brows high and full definitely helps keep a youthful appearance.

4.     Rose color tint always go with any skin tone.

A wrong choice of lip and blush color can make you feel old. If you are not careful enough, dark shades can add years to your look. To avoid such beauty blunder, look for a lipstick with neutral rose color. It can instantly lift your face and flatter your look at the same time. As a rule of thumb, choose a rose colored tint closer to your skin color. If you are light skinned, blush pink suits you well. However, if you are dark skinned, go for deep red and rose wine colors.

5.     Learn to cover undereye bags

Puffy undereyes can definitely make you look tired, stressed out, haggard and old. If you want to look younger, then it is time to learn the proper way to apply makeup to cover them. Start with a primer because makeup under the eyes easily comes off. Apply concealer mixed with orange tint corrector in an inverted triangle shape. Blend it gradually. Set it off with a powder with an almost similar shade. Next, apply concealer using a narrow tip brush along the lines that define your eye bags. Blend carefully with your finger or with a blending brush.


Photo credit: schenzai on Pixabay

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