5 Things Traveling Can Teach Us


Traveling can be refreshing for those who want to break away from the monotony of life. Getting to new places open your eyes to new experiences. It also teaches you to gradually come out of your comfort zone. There are many ways how traveling can make you a better person. The most important advantage of traveling is broadening your horizon and giving you the opportunity to grow in all aspects of life. Here are five other reasons why you should travel.

Traveling promotes independence and self-reliance.

Traveling solo teaches you how to be independent with just about everything. Going to places alone trains you how to stand on your own two feet. Although you can always ask help from strangers, you cannot totally rely on their kindness to get you through the day. Sometimes, you just have to learn how to do things alone and that includes entertaining yourself and sitting alone for a meal.

Traveling helps you understand the importance of minimal living.

When you are on the road most of the time, you learn to live with the essentials. You cannot always live comfortably because there are just things that you need to give up. Traveling teaches you that simple living does not mean hardship. Sometimes, you just need to get used to that kind of life.

Traveling helps you adapt to sudden changes.

Traveling can put you through unexpected situations. Travel plans may change or get cancelled. The important realization here is that the only way to survive is to quickly adapt to changes. At times, the most unexpected occurrences turn out to be the most memorable ones.

Traveling reminds us to live in the moment.

We often get pre-occupied with work, school, paying for mortgages, saving for the rainy days and everyday domestic responsibilities. Most of the time, we worry too much about the future that our present revolves around it. Traveling enlightens us that we need to slow down, stop and “smell the flowers”. Traveling teaches us that the best way to live life is to live in the moment and appreciate every little thing that is happening around us.

Traveling makes you appreciate home and family more.

Traveling, especially for longer periods, makes us realize that home is where the heart is. Being away from home and loved ones, it makes us realize that although traveling can be an enriching experience, we should always appreciate the time we spend with our families, friends and loved ones. Traveling can be a temporary escape from everyday life, but going back to our family and loved ones is home.

Traveling opens our eyes that there is a bigger world out there. Meeting people, learning about new cultures, beliefs and traditions make us more open-minded. Now and then, we need a reminder that the world does not revolve around us. Traveling can help us rediscover our true self, the purpose of our existence and the role that we play towards others and the universe.


Photo credit:  Will Spark on Flickr

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