5 Tips to an Acne-free Skin

7252457810_ac1caba8b4Acne is not just for teens. Even grown-ups get them too. Contrary to popular belief, acne does not only affect young people. So if you are 14, do not expect to be pimple free when you reach 30. There will always be periods when your skin will break out from too much stress, hormone changes, accumulated dirt and changes in diet.

Of course, the number one rule would be to keep skin always clean. Regular face washing is important to having acne-free skin. Unfortunately though, it takes more than religious cleaning to keep your skin pimple free.

Here are additional tips to keep your skin acne-free:

1.     Avoid hairstyles with bangs and wisps of hair falling on the face or forehead.

If your forehead looks grainy from small pimples and white heads, chances are your hairstyle leaves your hair always touching your face. Hair contains oil and dirt that can contribute to skin infection and breakouts. If you are the pimple prone type, avoid putting on bangs. Try to wear a headband, barrette, or pull back your hair into a ponytail.


2.     Detoxify or deep cleanse your face once a week.

Regular face washing helps remove dirt, excess oil and other skin impurities. However, it helps to apply a deep cleansing and hydrating facial mask once a week to remove oils clogged in pores. Sometimes, despite daily washings, there are still impurities that get accumulated. A mud mask could help clean the debris efficiently.


3.     Exfoliate regularly.

Dead skin cells can also contribute to clogging pores. That is why it is important to exfoliate skin once a week to help the skin remove dead skin cells. Choose products that contain glycolic acid or alpha hydroxy acid. They help exfoliate the skin without causing too much trauma. Make sure to choose exfoliating scrubs with fine granules to prevent injury despite vigorous scrubbing.


4.     Change your sheets and linens frequently.

A dirty pillowcase can also cause pimples and outbreaks. Not many people realized this though. Men, on an average, only change sheets and linens four times a year. That is according to a UK survey. Having oily hair and skin mean your sheets get dirty easily. When your face rubs into dirty pillows, it can cause pimples as well.


5.     When a breakout is threatening, head to the kitchen

There are actually many home remedies you can use for skin breakouts. For instance, lemon juice can help disinfect the area. The citric acid also helps reduce the swelling. Moisten a cotton ball with freshly squeeze lemon juice and apply to affected area before going to sleep. Other food items you can use include honey and egg white. Did you know that champagne can also keep the swelling down? Aside from having anti-inflammatory properties, it also has anti-aging properties. So it might be a good idea to open up that bottle of champagne in your cabinet.

Do not forget that proper diet, adequate water intake, sufficient sleep and exercise also play a role in keeping skin healthy and clear. Proper skincare must be a holistic approach that should be followed regularly.


Photo credit:  jacobbk on Flickr

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