5 Tips to Avoid Weight Gain during the Holidays


Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year is just around the corner. Many people are excited with the holidays nearing. Unfortunately, holidays can also be a cause to worry because of all the delicious food which can cause the extra weight gain.

Preventing weight gain can be quite tricky. You can forego all restraints and just subject yourself to rigorous workouts after to lose the extra pounds or you can follow these tips to avoid weight gain during the holidays.

1.     Eat before going to a party.

Yes, it may sound ridiculous. Why would you eat first before going to a party where there is food everywhere? To prevent yourself from bingeing on that sumptuous ham and other fatty foods. Eating before going to a party helps you monitor your calorie intake while giving you the control on what to eat. Load up on high-fiber foods, fruits and vegetables or lean protein on the day of the party to keep you halfway full.

2.     Bring your own dish.

Bringing your own dish to a party or dinner is a good idea too. You can share it with family and friends and at the same time, you have a dish to count on in case you cannot find anything suitable to eat during the party. This is especially helpful to those who have food allergies and intolerances. Those who watch their weight can benefit from this as well.

3.     Pace your chewing.

Gobbling up everything so you can have a taste of all the dishes can be very tempting. However, if you are watching your weight, it would be more beneficial to eat slowly and pace your chewing. Our brain controls our level of satiety. Whether you eat more or you eat less, it takes approximately 20 minutes for the brain to signal that we are full. So why not eat slowly so you consume lesser food and lesser calorie intake?

4.     Leave food on the kitchen counter

This particular advice is especially useful if you host a party or dinner. Instead of putting dishes on the table, leave it in the kitchen counter instead for a restaurant style meal serving. Putting the entire turkey or ham on the table as well as desserts can tempt you to get a second, third or fourth helpings. Putting them away from the table can totally reduce food intake.

5.     Utensil size matters

The size of eating utensils that you use play an important role in regulating you food intake. For instance, using a smaller plate controls the amount of food you put in your plate. Using a larger fork is also found to be effective in keeping your food intake really low. However, when it comes to spoon. A smaller one is more favourable than a big one.

It is indeed hard to turn your back from temptation especially if it is so mouth-watering delicious. However, with these useful tips and tricks, there can be no reason (and room) for extra calories in your waist.

Photo credit: geralt on Pixabay


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