5 Tips for Healthy Hair and Scalp

healthy scalp and hairThe hair is a woman’s crowning glory. Having a flattering hairstyle can bring about the best in a woman. However, it is important that hair and scalp be taken care of in order to have beautiful hair. As much as possible, pamper your hair with nutrition and moisture that it needs. Here are several tips to have healthy hair and scalp.

Tip #1: Avoid shampooing everyday if you have dry scalp.

Dry scalp can cause a tightening feeling and an itchy scalp. Shampooing daily can cause your hair and scalp to become uber dry. To prevent additional dryness, only shampoo your hair every other day.

Another option is to add essential oils in your favorite bottle of shampoo or simply make your own shampoo using castile soap. You can add chamomile, olive, jojoba, grapeseed or tea tree oil to help dry, flaky scalp. To remove any residues in hair and scalp, add apple cider vinegar to water for rinsing hair. Aside from removing residues, it will close hair cuticles to make your hair less frizzy and shinier looking.

Tip #2: Use cornstarch for oily scalp and hair.

Many people may find this idea absurd, but applying cornstarch on the scalp can actually help absorb the excess oil. Just dip a comb into cornstarch and comb into hair. Another option is to apply cornstarch directly into hair and scalp using fingers. Once the area is fully covered, let it stay for 10 minutes. Remove cornstarch by combing it out. Rinse hair and scalp with water. Shampoo and dry.

Tip #3: Birth control can help prevent thinning hair.

Birth control can prevent hair by thinning out by regulating hormones in women. Testosterone is also present in a woman’s body and this hormone can cause baldness. Birth control pills work by increasing the levels of estrogen, thus, balancing out testosterone levels.

Tip #4: Skip hair treatments during PMS period.

During PMS, women become bloated. As a result, they easily bruise. Color treatments, hair relaxing and perms may result to some form of trauma. Therefore, it would be best to skip them for a few days or a week until your menstrual period is done.

Tip #5: Feed your scalp with the right nutrients.

Without enough nutrients, your hair may become damaged, brittle, dry, and may also cause strands to fall out. To prevent such things from happening, make sure that your diet includes nutrients that your hair needs.

Eat iron rich protein to strengthen brittle, fine hair. Protein rich foods such as soy, meat, spinach, fish, egg whites and low fat cheese contain keratin which makes hair stronger.

If you want your hair to grow faster, eat foods rich in silica such as rice, oats, asparagus, cucumber and cabbage. Biotin, a B vitamin, also helps strengthen hair and hasten growth. In addition, biotin also improves hair texture.

For healthier scalp and to boost absorption of iron, take vitamin C. It also helps build collagen which is needed for healthy blood vessels and hair follicles.

Taking a holistic approach to healthy scalp and hair may be quite difficult for some, but certainly, it is the best approach to a beautiful crowning glory.


Photo credit: burnnet on Pixabay

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