5 Ways to Keep a Healthy Mind and Body

relaxation and massageOur body is a very complex structure that needs various approach in order for it to stay healthy. Physical exercise and eating healthy are not enough to keep one healthy. Sometimes, we also need to nurture our mind and spirit in order for us to be completely healthy. There are many ways to relax the mind and nurture the spirit. Some of them can be easily done at home. Here are five simple ways to keep a healthy mind and body:

1.                  Meditate

There are many meditation techniques out there to choose from. Meditation clears the mind and helps calm it. It increases concentration and focus through various modes and techniques. Some examples of techniques employed in meditation includes body scanning, breathing techniques, visual guidance, candle, aromatherapy, writing, use of crystals and walking.

2.                  Get a massage

The pressure, physical contact and manipulation obtained from a massage promotes well-being and relaxation. There are many types of massage out there; it depends on the type of stroke and the amount of pressure you want. One of the most popular type of massage includes aromatherapy, wherein, massage oils containing essential oils are used. Meanwhile, hot stone massage is also quite common in spas. It uses smooth stones that are heated and typically applied to the back to relax the muscles. Acupressure originated from China. Ayurvedic and Reiki, on the other hand, have their roots in India. Other types of massage with geographical influences include Thai, Swedish and Shiatsu massage.

3.                  Flower essences

Flower essences, commonly known as vibration essences, use various parts of the flower for healing process. The force of plants as well as other elements in the universe such as gems, crystals, natural light sources, animals and the environment are believed to be able to heal both body and mind. These elements are then incorporated in oil, cream and ointment forms.

4.                  Writing

Writing can be very therapeutic especially if it involves keeping a journal. Writing about your daily experiences, thoughts, and feelings let you connect with your inner self. It is a great outlet for letting out your feelings especially if you have nobody to talk to or are not comfortable talking to another person. Moreover, writing down your dreams in life makes it easier to stay focused in achieving your dream.

5.                  Painting and other forms of art and crafts

Expressing yourself through art like painting and flower arranging is also a good way to sooth the mind and the spirit. Creating a masterpiece using various mediums can effectively provide relaxation and peace of mind. There are also various crafts and hobbies that can be employed at home. Gardening, for instance, can be a very relaxing past time. Keeping an aquarium at home is also thought to produce tranquility. Listening to the sound of nature such as a running falls or chirping birds are also good ways to keep the mind calm and clear. Combining these with massage, meditation, writing, aromatherapy and any form of art can be a very serene experience enriching to the mind and soul as well.


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