7 Ways to Get You to the Gym.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all made some kind of New Year’s resolution at some point, promising ourselves that we’d actually hit the gym. But of course, that only lasted for about a week or two. How is it that there are people that actually enjoy going to the gym and manage to stay there long enough to get in a decent work out? Getting yourself to the gym & staying motivated isn’t always the easiest thing to do. With so many people wanting to create a healthier lifestyle, fitness enthusiasts are starting to share their secrets that keep them going back almost religiously. Here are a few tips & tricks to help get you to the gym & stay on track.

  1. Work out with a partner or friend. As soon as you have someone join you on your daily workouts, it becomes less of a chore. You’ll look forward to each other’s company & companionship. Once you start working out together, it turns into an activity where you can both encourage each other to do better. You’re both responsible for the other showing up & if someone isn’t in the mood to work out, then your buddy will be there to get your head in the game.
  2. Wear your gym clothes to bed. Once you step out the door & start your day off dressed for a workout, you’ll instantly feel more obligated to set foot in the gym. You’re already dressed, so you have no excuse!
  3. Take a class. If you’re new to working out or haven’t been at it for awhile, taking a class is a great way to get in shape & make the most of your time. The group energy will get you going & the mob mentality will keep you focused.
  4. Switch things up. Don’t just keep doing the same repetitive workout. Eventually, the same routine will get boring & you’ll lose interest in exercising. Find new ways to work out a certain muscle group by watching YouTube videos or getting a personal trainer. If you see someone doing something you haven’t seen before, ask them for some tips!
  5. Track your progress. Everyone likes to see results. There are so many great apps & products out on the market that help you record your progress. If you’re in search of a way to track your workout, Everymove is a site dedicated to helping you find the perfect app or device for your active lifestyle.
  6. Start off small and build up to your goals. Rome wasn’t built in a day & neither is a fit body. Write down a set of realistic goals that you can accomplish over time. Check out Active and maybe  add a marathon or a competition to your list of goals. Once you start to check those goals off your list, you’ll feel even more motivated to stay on track.
  7. Follow fitness gurus on social media. This one goes along with the whole concept of “Out of sight, out of mind”. The more you fill your social network with like-minded people who want to get fit, the more likely you’ll be to get up off of the couch & hit the gym.

Staying fit & exercising on a regular basis is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Knowing what motivates you & encourages you to improve yourself is an important step towards your success.

What motivates YOU to get up & exercise?

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