7 Ways to Keep a Long-lasting Manicure

manicureWomen love well-manicured nails especially those with fancy colors and nail arts. However, some women may find it very challenging to maintain a set of manicured fingers for a week. For homemakers, washing dishes, gardening and doing the laundry can quickly destroy beautifully painted nails.

To help keep a long-lasting manicure, here are 7 tips you can use to extend the life of your precious nails:

1.      Apply vinegar to your nails

Nail polish adheres more to the nails if there is less moisture and oil. Therefore, one of the best ways to achieve long lasting nail polish is to dehydrate the nails by applying vinegar to your nails with a Q-tip. If you do not want vinegar on your nails, another alternative is an acetone based nail cleanser.

2.      Use a good base coat

One of the secrets of keeping nail polish well adhered to nailbeds is by putting a sticky base coat. There are nail technicians who would file the nail bed to roughen it up so nail polish will be better absorbed. However, do not allow this practice to your nails because it can cause damage.

3.      Seal the free edge to protect from water

Too much exposure from water can cause your polish to soften and chip. To prevent this from happening, apply base coat concentrating more on your nail tips, covering the cut and filed portions. Apply the nail polish and the top coat the same way. It can be quite tricky to do so since it can cause many smudges but it is one of the best things that can preserve your manicure.

4.      Avoid heat after applying nail polish

Your nail polish may feel dry and hardened to touch. However, you may be surprised that your bed sheets and linens have smudges in them or that your polish has nicks in them. It would actually take 12 hours for the polish to dry up so if you want the perfect manicure; avoid exposing your nails to heat like hot water, hot shower, yoga and sauna.

5.      Use a slow setting top coat instead of quick dry

Do not be in a hurry to dry your polish. Longer lasting manicures usually require time and cannot be rushed. Quick dry top coats may appear as if they can dry out the nails faster but actually, it leaves the inside soft and mushy.

6.      Do not apply too much polish in a single stroke.

The key to a well-adhered nail polish is to apply it in multiple, thin layers. That means your first layer should be thin. Your brush applicator should not have too much polish in it. Wipe on the lip of the bottle before applying. Let it dry for a minute before applying the next coat, making sure to cover each nail fully.

7.      Push cuticles further before applying base coat and nail polish.

Applying your base coat and nail polish over the cuticles without pushing it back with an orange stick can easily chip the polish. Do not forget to do this when prepping your nails for polishing.


Taking care of your manicure by following these tips can help it last for up to 10 days. If you have to do the laundry or wash the dishes, use a pair of gloves to protect your hands from water, soap and other harsh chemicals.


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