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Dr. Farshid Mahboubirad

SPECIALTY: Ear, Nose, and throat (ENT)

PROCEDURES: Rhinoplasty Revision Rhinoplasty Facelift Eyelid surgery Lip Lift

Dr Farshid Mahboubirad is an otolaryngologist (ENT specialist) with a key interest in rhinoplasty and cosmetic facial surgery. In 2003, he received his MD degree from Shahid Beheshti University, one of the most prestigious medical schools in Iran.

Since then, he has been actively expanding his experience in this area by obtaining a fellowship in otolaryngology and completing several international courses including:

  • An observership at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
  • An observership in the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute
  • Observational surgery preceptorship in the Cosmetic Facial Surgery Center in Richmond

As one of the active members of the Iranian society of otolaryngology – head and neck surgery, Dr Mahboubirad has proved to be constantly building on his expertise. By traveling back and forth to medically prominent countries such as the USA or Canada, doctor Mahboubirad broadens his knowledge and keeps it up to date.

Doctor Mahboubirad has gained extensive popularity in nose job surgery. During his many years of practice, he has been renowned for providing his patients with the exact result they yearn. Most notably, Dr Farshid Mahboubirad is an excellent surgeon for creating the dolly nose or fantasy nose that many celebrities long for. Dr Mahboubirad takes measures to form the ideal slightly turned-up tip that gives the person the delicate and dainty profile. He is also remarkably proficient in performing revision rhinoplasty for patients who have had previous nose jobs but are unsatisfied with the result. Revision rhinoplasty is a tricky procedure; Dr Mahboubirad is one of the few fully qualified surgeons that patients can confidently rely on.

Dr Mahboubirad’s widespread fame has been acknowledged among patients from both Iran and beyond its borders. Dr Mahboubirad has also been the nose job surgeon of choice for many world-famous celebrities and Instagram personalities. This has further increased his popularity in the area. Up until now, Dr Mahboubirad has been known to be performing as many as 30 nose jobs per week, broadening his experience in the field.

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