The Big Fat Surprise: Eating Fat can Make You Thin

Fats from meat and dairy can actually do good for those who want to lose wieght

For decades, we’ve been told to stay away from fatty foods because fat begets fat. However, a new book written by Nina Teicholz actually debunks the idea. In the book, The Big Fat Surprise, Teicholz explains why it is actually healthy to incorporate dairy, eggs and meat to your diet to shed pounds. According to her, low-fat, produce-filled diets are actually not as beneficial as nutrition experts claim them to be.

On Dr. Frank Lipman’s website, Teicholz talked about how her book was conceptualized. She also discussed various flawed ideas and theories on nutrition that the public has been fed for years. If you read the interview, you’ll get to know more about a completely different side on nutrition.

The Seven Countries Study

Ancel Keys was a scientist / physiologist who conducted a study in seven countries with the highest fat consumption and high incidence of heart disease. According to Keys, serum cholesterol is closely associated with coronary heart disease. His hypothesis points to saturated fats as main culprits for heart disease mortality. He concluded that the best diet to prevent cardiovascular diseases would be the Mediterranean diet which is low in trans fat but high in unsaturated fat.

A Cherry Picked Study

Many criticized the Seven Countries study because data were apparently cherry-picked. For instance, countries with high consumption, but with minimal heart disease like Norway and Holland were not included. Additionally, those with a high incidence of  heart disease but low fat consumption, such as Chile, were also left out.

The Problem with Leaving Fats Out

According to Teicholz, leaving fat out of our regular diet makes us consume more carbohydrates (at least 25% more). An increase in carbohydrate consumption, in turn, results in high incidence of diabetes and even obesity. In addition, vegetable oils, which were thought to be healthy, are actually linked with cancer.

The Oil Trade Wars

Olive oil is well-celebrated because of its purported healthy properties, while coconut and palm oils were marketed as unhealthy. However, these campaigns were actually brought about by trade wars. The American Soybean Association (ASA) started this negative campaign against foreign competitors such as Malaysia. The campaign was only stopped when Malaysia threatened to expose the real truth about hydrogenated soybean oils.

The Risks on Low Fat Diets

Based on Teicholz research, women are at a higher risk of developing heart disease if they follow a low fat diet. High density lipoprotein (HDL) or good cholesterols drop drastically and women suffer far greater negative results than men. In addition, a low fat diet can also put children at risk. Pediatricians used to oppose the diet, saying it is not fit for children because it can possibly cause nutritional deficiencies. Unfortunately, few studies can support their claims. As a result, their voices were ignored.


When it comes staying healthy, the best diet is still a well-balanced diet. A little of everything, eaten in moderation, can definitely do no harm to one’s health. You can never go wrong with eating a well-balanced diet.

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