Hate the gym? Try bodyweight workouts!


bodyweight workoutsWith the new year upon us, many people share the same resolution to lose weight. Good news for those who aren’t fans of the gym – in 2015, you can work out at home with bodyweight workouts!

There are lots of reasons to start a bodyweight routine. Aside from the efficiency of not requiring equipment, the workouts themselves are effective for both beginners and seasoned gym rats.

Top 3 Reasons to Try Bodyweight Workouts

According to New York Times best-selling author and fitness guru John Romaniello, “the methodology of bodyweight training has a long and storied history.” Before the development of weight machines, free weights and cookie-cutter gyms, bodyweight was the key to get big and strong.

1. Workout Efficiency 
Having a quality bodyweight program is not only effective, but also inexpensive. You’re moving quickly from exercise to exercise which keeps rest periods down and your heart rate up – that’s a recipe for fat loss! Thus, you’re saving a lot of time by not waiting to “work in” on an exercise machine, taking unnecessary breaks, or having to even travel to the gym.

Studies indicate that the old fitness methodology of “more gym time equals more progress” is false. In fact, bodyweight exercises such as plyometrics keep your workouts short in length, but high in effectiveness.

2. Cardio & Strength Training

Another reason why you should consider bodyweight workouts is the tag team hit of cardio and strength training in one. Adding cardio bodyweight exercises (such as mountain climbers or jumping jacks) into an existing strength bodyweight routine is an even better way to reduce your workout time while keeping the heart pumping and jumpstarting muscle growth.

3. Customizable and Adjustable

Regardless of your fitness level, bodyweight routines can adapt while you do. Just a beginner? You can opt for easier exercise variations or do fewer reps. As you get stronger, you can tweak the exercise itself or move to a new exercise altogether. There are a large number of bodyweight exercises that can be adapted for every fitness level.

If you’re getting tired of the same routines or thinking hours of crunches, curls and presses are the only way to a great physique, bid farewell to the monotony. The wide variety of exercises available makes it nearly impossible to get bored with bodyweight workouts.

Not only are bodyweight exercises customizable for every type of exerciser, they are an efficient, inexpensive, and convenient workout option. Plus, bodyweight training is increasingly in style – finding new, quality workouts from reputable trainers is never a difficult task!

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