The Dangers of Botox Treatments

botoxWhen it comes to beauty procedures, it is important to leave it to the experts. Many people, especially women, undergo DIY Botox treatments, which can be very dangerous.

DIY Botox

Many DIY kits are now being sold in the market today. These products encourage anybody to perform the delicate procedure on themselves and on anyone else. Unfortunately, not many people realize the dangers especially for those who have succeeded the first time on their DIY procedure.

DIY kits may be cheaper compared to visiting a clinic but do not be fooled by its price. Chances are you will end up paying more if the procedure turns into a disaster.

Allergies and Hypersensitivities

Remember that Botox is a derivative from the bacteria that causes botulism. It renders the affected muscle paralyzed. Moreover, Botox can also cause allergic reactions. Botox is mixed with other ingredients and preservatives as well. So any of the additives can also cause sensitivity, rashes, itching, welts, and feeling of fainting as well as asthma-like symptoms to the person.

Facial Asymmetry

Apart from these, it takes a high level of expertise to administer Botox injections. If the one administering it is not familiar with the procedure, you may end up with an asymmetrical face or a lopsided look.

Pain to a Certain Degree

Botox for cosmetic use is usually administered through injection. This results to a certain degree of pain. If you are planning to have Botox injections, expect to feel a pinch from the needle. No need to worry though, most doctors use ice or topical anesthetics to numb the pain from the needle.


Botox typically lasts for three to four months. It is administered in relatively small doses just enough to weaken and relax the muscles. Doing it more often than the recommended period and dosage can result to permanent paralysis of the muscles. It can cause the flesh to droop because the muscles are too weak to support them. For instance, if the muscles of the neck is overdone with Botox, it can cause more serious problems such as the inability to swallow or support the head in an upright position.

Warning and Precautions

The effects of Botox is not immediate. It can take between three and seven days to see the initial effect and two weeks to see the full effects. The results vary depending on the severity of wrinkles and fine lines.

When having Botox injections, it is best to avoid taking aspirin a week prior to the procedure. Avoid taking supplements and food with fish oil in them. Both are blood-thinning agents. Using them together with the procedure can cause more bruising than expected.

Avoid postural changes, which involves lowering of the head within two hours after the procedure. Do not wear tight hats and do not lie down as well during the specified period. Avoid activities such as yoga or blow drying hair upside down.

Always disclose your full medical history. Inform your doctor of any neurological or motor disease such as myasthenia gravis. It can help save you from any life threatening complications from the procedure.


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