Home Beauty Treatments: Which of These is Effective?

facialFruits, condiments, vegetables, breakfast staples, juices and many more; it is indeed fun to try on different beauty regimens especially when you are with friends during sleepovers. However, more than the fun, are they really worth a shot? It’s nice to find cheap, DIY beauty treatments you can easily do at home but how much of these home beauty treatments are actually effective?

1.     Oil pulling is effective in keeping the mouth healthy.

Oil pulling has been used for many years to keep teeth and gums healthy. In addition, it is also believed to whiten the teeth.  The practice of oil pulling started out in India where people strongly believed that oil can cure many conditions such as gum disease, tooth infections, arthritis, problems with the internal organs and many other illnesses. The procedure itself seems effective enough. Unfortunately, the feeling of taking oil in and swishing it around your mouth seems unpleasant. Some prefer not to brush their teeth anymore after pulling but we suggest otherwise.

2.     Banana and honey provides a good hair mask recipe.

According to some beauty advisers, banana and honey hair mask can moisturize dry hair. Banana and honey combined contains a multitude of vitamins and minerals too, to keep hair healthy. Usually, banana is mashed and honey is added until it forms into a thick paste. This is then directly into the hair. Guess what happens after it dries? It turns into an ultra sticky paste that leaves hair in clumps, with small particles sticking into hair strands despite rinsing it with water.

3.     Coconut oil conditions hair deeply.

Coconut oil can indeed keep the hair well moisturized, only if you have extra dry, coarse hair. If your hair strands are fine, coconut oil might be too heavy on your hair. It would be better to steer clear of it lest you want to end up with limp, slimy, oily hair for weeks.

4.     Listerine and cider vinegar work well in removing foot odor.

Listerine and vinegar for feet odor? Don’t laugh just yet. The combination is indeed effective in removing unpleasant food odor. In addition, soaking your feet in warm water mixed with Listerine and vinegar for 20 to 30 minutes helps soften calluses. Scrub with a pumice stone to remove dead skin cells and make your feet softer.

5.     Egg mask is good for acne.

Egg mask is good for wrinkles and pores because it tightens skin. Unfortunately, it does not have favorable effects on acne. To top it off, it can be really, really hard to peel off especially if you let it stay overnight. Do not believe everything you see on the Internet, read in magazines or hear from other people. It may be true or it can be all fad. If you are feeling adventurous, you can try some of these budget beauty tips to find if it is effective. However, if you would rather stay on the safe side, then you are better off spending a few dollars on trusted and proven beauty products in the market.

Photo credit:  Spyderella on Flickr

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