Top 6 Female Iranian Entrepreneurs You Should Know About

There are many women who have had a great influence on Iran’s startup ecosystem since the early days of its inception. Here are 6 successful Iranian women entrepreneurs you should know about.

Women entrepreneurs were definitely not the norm for Iran, when the startup ecosystem in Iran started to shape, but nowadays we see a lot of startups in Iran which are led by women entrepreneurs.

Although these amazing and talented women will face some struggles, they are happy it’s getting easier and easier for a woman to become a tech entrepreneur in Iran.  They have a proven track record that they are more than capable. Bravo to these top 6.

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Aseyeh Hatami

Aseyeh Hatami,  is a graduate of the polymer engineering from prestigious, Tehran Polytechnic University and the founder and Managing Director of Established in 2003, IranTalent is an online recruitment service in Iran, with a registered membership consisting of over half a million Iranian professionals, covering various sectors and job categories.

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