The Venus Factor Weight Loss System: Is it Effective?

The Venus Factor, Angeline Jolie

The Venus Factor says you don’t have to worry anymore.

This may sound absurd, but a recent weight loss program known as “The Venus Factor”, actually promote eating high calorie food such as chocolate, ice cream and pizza to help women lose weight.

According to its author, John Barban, professor in the University of Florida, women have a totally different way of losing weight compared to men. Therefore, it is only rational that women should have a completely different weight loss program than men.

How it was Formed

Professor John Barban used to work as a consultant for a big weight loss supplement company. One of his responsibilities include performing extensive research on female metabolism. During his 10 year study, he discovered something unique about metabolism in women.

According to The Venus Factor website, Barban’s greatest motivation for developing this special weight loss program is his sister, who was constantly overweight after delivering her first child. Needless to say, the sister saw a huge change in her appearance and weight after subjecting herself to her brother’s newly discovered weight loss program.

How the Program Works

Leptin is a hormone that directly influences fat cell formation and storage. This particular hormone is also responsible for giving us the feeling of satiety after eating. It also influences hunger sensation and energy expenditure. An insufficient amount of leptin in the body can cause weight gain and even obesity.

However, here’s the best part. Barban discovered that women have twice the amount of leptin compared to men. If leptin levels are normal, weight is well regulated.

Unfortunately, most women deprive themselves of food, especially those with high calories like French fries, ice cream and pizza. Once women avoid high calorie intake, leptin levels drop drastically. Compared to men, women’s leptin levels are much more sensitive. It can eventually lead to a weight loss plateau secondary to a slowdown in metabolism.

Does It Work?

The Venus Factor weight loss system is actually a collection of ebooks and other information materials on calorie monitoring, food selection and workout programs.

Nobody knows for sure if the system works or not. Honestly, the answer here is, it depends. If you follow the instructions exactly a stated, then chances are, the program would work for you. The program does not claim or offer miracles on weight loss so this is probably a good sign that the program is legit.

If you read the theory where this program is based, it sounds convincing as well. However, do not settle solely for information found on the website. It would be best to visit different weight loss forums and discussion boards to know more about the program. Chances are, you would be able to encounter people who have bought and tried the program. They are the best people to ask as they can provide with first-hand information, although, their feedback can also be subjective.

Here’s a tip, instead of asking subjective questions, it would be better to ask questions with objective answers. Ask for measurable results and quantifiable feedbacks. It could help you better in making the right decision.

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