5 Skin Care Tips for the Summer

skin care during summer

Summer is the most important season for skin care

Summer is the hottest season of the year. People often go outside and head to the beach to enjoy the summer heat. Since the heat can cause you to sweat and feel sticky, it is very tempting to have your skin go bare naked when going outdoors. Never, ever drop your usual skin care regimen just because because the heat makes you feel uncomfortable . There are many skin care alternatives you can find. Here are five of them.

Go for gel-based moisturizers

Cream based moisturizers and lotions may feel heavy during summer time. Instead of skipping your moisturizer, switch to gel moisturizers instead. Moisturizing the skin should be a year-round routine and one that should never be missed. Another alternative is to apply lightweight lotions instead of creams. If it still feels heavy for you, there are many serums available in the market.

Apply anti-aging products at night

Most anti-aging products contain retinol, which causes the skin to become more sensitive to the sun. If you apply retinol to the skin and stay under the sun, it may cause your skin to have red blotches. To remedy this, apply your anti-aging product at night and wear sunscreen with SPF 30 and above during the day. As a remedy for blotchy skin, apply a skin product that contains Ferulic acid to hasten healing and repair.

Apply water-based foundations or go for tinted moisturizers

Those who wear makeup during the summer may often experience midday meltdowns. To prevent this from happening,  choose a water-based foundation instead of oil-based ones. Heavy makeup wears off easily when it’s hot. Look for tinted moisturizers or BB creams with built in primers. Choose products specially formulated for oily skin because they have a lighter formulation.

Apply sunscreen a few weeks before hitting the beach

If you have a planned beach vacation, apply sunscreen regularly for two to three weeks. This enables the outer layer of your skin to absorb the product well. The product build-up will help protect you not only from sunburns, but also from harmful UV rays.

Avoid oily skin

Sweat, grime and oil combined can cause bacteria to grow on the skin. A greasy skin, on the other hand, can amplify the effects of UV rays on the skin. It is, therefore, important to wash your face regularly with an oil-control facial wash. If you have oily skin, a sulfur-based facial cleanser can help eliminate unwanted shine. Treat yourself to a skin peel at least twice a month to remove dead skin cells and excess oils.

The scorching heat of the sun can cause damage to the skin. The skin needs all the protection it can get during summer time. Sunscreen alone is not enough to protect the skin from damage. Cleaning your skin thoroughly, regular in-office maintenance and sticking to a regular skincare regimen is way to beat sweltering heat of the sun.

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