5 Ways Yoga can Improve Your Health 

Yoga keeps both body and mind healthy. It is fairly easy to perform even for beginners. It also gives practitioners the freedom to perform exercises at home or in a studio. For the common person, it is an exercise that significantly helps improve flexibility. However, it goes beyond this. Here are five reasons yoga can improve your health.

1. Yoga keeps us away from depression and anxiety.

Our response to stress can be a contributing factor to the development and onset of anxiety and depression. It involves meditation and it does wonders to our body by providing us with clear and healthy mind. It also improves concentration and alertness.

2. Yoga helps improve our breathing pattern.

Yoga helps control breathing. For instance, the Surdashan Kriya Yoga (SKY) involves cyclical breathing patterns alternating slow and fast breathing patterns. With this breathing exercise, the capacity of the lungs can be improved.

3. Yoga increases flexibility and tones muscles.

Different asanas (poses) require a certain level of flexibility. Practicing it regularly can develop your balance as well. In addition, it can also help tone muscles and even help you lose weight. If your purpose is to lose weight and strengthen the muscles, try Bikram, Vinyasa or Ashtanga yoga.

4. Yoga helps restores the body after injury.

Musculo-skeletal injuries can put the body in a de-conditioned state. Getting back into shape, you can try restorative yoga. It promotes relaxation while letting your whole body move while being easy on the joints and muscles. Aside from providing active relaxation, it also improves blood circulation so it flows freely to the injured area, thereby, hastening healing of damaged structures.

5. Yoga harmonizes the mind, body and soul.

Kundalini yoga provides a more spiritual experience. It improves awareness of both the mind and the body. The purpose of this type of yoga is to release the energy from the spine and let it flow freely throughout the body with fluidity of the poses. Chanting calms the mind and proper breathing relaxes the body.


Yoga is more than a simple exercise. It brings holistic health to its practitioners. It awakens the mind, body and spirit. It is more than just a workout. It is a spiritual experience.

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