A Visit to the Chiropractor can Lead to Better Sex

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If you ever suffered from low back pain once in your life, then you will understand how debilitating it is. It can confine you to your bed, immobilized you for a few days to months and prevent you from doing the usual things you normally do. Unfortunately, it can also contribute to poor sex life.

According to 100% Chiropractic CEO Jason Helfrich, patients often visit their clinics seeking treatment for low back pain. After a few sessions, they would come back and report an improvement in their condition as well as in their sex life too.

How Chiropractic Care Leads to Better Sex Life

You might probably be wondering how chiropractic treatment can improve sex. No need to worry as the succeeding paragraphs will tell you exactly what you are looking for.

Chiropractic treatment involves aligning the spine. This is because chiropractic principles are based on the belief that most illness and conditions in the body are brought about by spinal misalignment. When you have a misaligned spine, chances are, nerves might be impinged or nerve impulses might be blocked. Having your spine aligned can bring back normal flow of nerve impulses, which can heighten the sensation to the reproductive system.

Physical Effects of Chiropractic Treatment

Another benefit is increased blood flow to the intimate areas. The reproductive organs easily become engorge with blood, thus, hastening physical arousal.  In addition, since nerve impulses travel faster, the organs relay messages to brain faster.

In summary, chiropractic healing allows the body to become physically aroused faster, increases blood flow to the reproductive organs, relays sensations to the brain faster, alleviates musculo-skeletal disorders that may distract you during sex and aids in making you orgasm faster.

Chiropractic and Hormones

Hormones affect libido and fertility. Estrogen, progesterone and testosterone play an important part in both libido and fertility. Imbalance in hormone levels can cause problems in the reproductive area.

Most hormones are released in the neck area, just near the first and the second vertebrae. If there is misalignment in the upper cervical area, chances are, hormone levels would be affected.

Low Back Pain, Flexibility and Sex

Low back pain can be debilitating and can prevent you from performing sexual activities. Chiropractic treatment can help relieve pain caused by musculo-skeletal problems. In addition, manipulations done by chiropractors can help improve flexibility. These factors can greatly influence sex life. It can lead to pain-free sex as well as being flexible enough to accommodate different sex positions.

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