Fashion Dangers: The Hidden Risks in Your Closet

Do you often find yourself following the latest fashion trends? How far are you willing to sacrifice all in the name of fashion?

Those who love to follow the latest fads should recognize that there is always a price that you have to pay when you become slaves to fashion fads. When we see models on the runway and in print ads donning the latest in fashion, we automatically think that having those would help boost our image. However, subjecting our body to certain fashion dangers can create potential risks to our health.

Stilettos and Cigarette Heels

Six-inch stilettos especially those with pointed toes can cause toe deformities, posture problems and skin irritations. Even celebrities are not immune to this. Fashion icons Victoria Beckham and Sarah Jessica Parker both suffered from painful bunions from years of wearing those killer heels.

Wearing high heels can also cause posture problems because it displaces our center of gravity as well as alter the normal physiological curve of the spine. Cigarette heels can challenge our body to maintain balance. As a way of compensating, the body may arch excessively or may lean unnaturally. This can lead to low back pain or a stooped posture.

Tight Skinny Jeans

Form-fitting, body-hugging skinny jeans look sexy, but wearing a tight pair can lead to numbness in the lower extremities. Women who are avid fans of ultra-tight jeans almost always suffer from “Tight pants syndrome” or meralgia paresthetica. The condition causes compression of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, leading to numbness in the outer thigh and sometimes not being able to feel the foot. For men, it can cause torsion to the testicles. The condition is characterized by pain to the testicles and the circulation to the area being cutoff.

Spanx and other Shapewear

Spanx can constrict the blood circulation to the abdomen. It can also create problems in the digestive system. Bodysuit shapers are even worse. It can constrict the circulation in the whole torso and the upper thigh. It can also restrict breathing, which can cause inadequate oxygen supply to the vital organs.

Thong Underwear

Thongs can cause friction to the crotch ad butt area which can cause skin to break. This can lead to fungal infections, especially if there is repetitive chafing and breaking. Some women may also experience increased instances of urinary tract infection. The thong’s fabric rubs back and forth the anus and the labial area, thus, spreading bacteria from the anus to the genitourinary tract. Another culprit of frequent urinary tract infections is staying in a wet bathing suit for a prolonged period.

As a conclusion, it is never worth to sacrifice health for the sake of fashion. If you want to be fashionable, make sure to choose the items correctly. Choosing the correct fitting and size is a must. Clothes and shoes are meant to be worn comfortably. They mainly protect us from extreme temperature and other outside dangers. Fashion is just icing on top of the cake.

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