TRX Exercises for Legs

Leg exercises  can be big calorie burners along with making your lower body stronger and more toned.  The muscles of the legs, the quadriceps and hamstrings,  are among some of the largest muscles in your body, so when you put them to work you burn more calories.

TRX exercises that target the legs are very effective at improving your overall fitness.  The TRX can enhance traditional leg workouts by:

  • allowing you to work your lower body in multiple planes of motion
  • creating unstable environments to test and improve  balance
  • working your core while working your lower body
  • giving you easy ways to quickly increase or decrease the difficulty of an exercise.

4 of the best TRX exercises for legs

TRX exercise for legs

TRX side lunge

  1. Put the TRX straps at the midpoint length, stand facing the anchor point and hold the handles so that your upper arms are parallel to your torso.
  2. Step laterally to the right. Push the right hip back as you flex at the hip joint, and bend the knee.
  3. Exhale, and in one motion extend the hip and the knee as you set your right foot back up to meet your left.
  4. Complete a set on one side before switching to the other.

TRX squat

  1. Stand with your legs shoulder width apart, hold the TRX handles so that they are slack and level with your belly button
  2. Inhale, bend you knees and drop your hips down and back behind you.
  3. As the TRX becomes taught, use the tension to help balance.
  4. Keep your back straight and lower yourself down until your thighs are at least parallel to the floor.
  5. Exhale, push up through your heels and squeeze your glutes to return to starting position
  6. Try not to pull with your arms as you go back to standing, just use the TRX to support

TRX suspended lunge

  1. Set the TRX trainer at mid-calf in single-handle mode. Stand with one foot in the foot cradle, hips and shoulders squared to the front.
  2. Bend your standing leg, and shift your weight down and behind you.
  3. Keep your weight in the all four corners of your front foot  as you extend the back leg behind for a lunge.


Cross Balancing TRX Lunge

  1. Put the straps at the mid point.  Face the anchor point and right leg with anchor point
  2. Grab hold of the handles, palms facing each other, elbow beneath your shoulders.
  3. Raise the left leg up until it is level with your waist
  4. Reach back and across with left leg, taking left knee towards the outside of the right heel as you squat down into a lunge position with the right leg.
  5. Return to the starting position and repeat on the other side.

You can quickly adjust the difficulty level of any exercise by positioning yourself either closer or further away form the anchor point.  With the TRX you don’t have to interrupt your set to go fetch a heavier set of weights, simply take a step to adjust you resistance.

If you are searching for a fun, fast and effective way to train the lower body the TRX could be the solution you’ve been looking for.


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