5 Beauty Hacks that Went Viral Online

Thanks to the Internet, everyone can now experiment with makeup and perform DIY beauty regimens at home. Many beauty tutorials became viral online. Here are five of the most popular beauty hacks to hit social media sites recently.

Covering a tattoo with makeup

Just recently, I came upon a video on how to cover a tattoo using makeup. The video shows a girl using eye shadow gel, hair spray, concealer and loose powder in layers. The result is simple amazing since the tattoo is completely covered and most of the people who watched the video thought so too, earning it more than 1.5 million views in YouTube. Tip: Just make sure to use eye shadow as close as possible to your skin color or you’ll end up with too pinkish, too dark or too light cover up.

Using tissue paper and egg white to remove blackheads

This is actually an old trick but it does not stop beauty bloggers and vloggers alike to create a step-by-step instructional post or video respectively. One of the most popular video in making the DIY peel off mask can be found here. Just to give credits, I came upon this beauty hack while reading this post. Aside from being cheap, the mask is very easy to do at home. All you need is egg white, tissue paper or paper towel, and a brush. Just apply the egg white and tissue paper in layers using a brush. Let it dry for 10 minutes before finally peeling it off. Wash your face after. Tip: Do not wait too long before peeling off the DIY mask. It can be quite difficult to peel. Avoid applying in areas with facial hair.

Drying hair with a tee shirt instead of a towel

For those suffering from frizzy hair, a cotton tee shirt seems to be a better choice instead of the usual towel made of terrycloth.  It is also recommended for those with curly hair as it better maintains the natural curls beautifully. Known as “plopping”, the method enables those with curly hair to dry their hair while avoiding frizz and eliminating styling time for their hair. In fact, the method became too popular that many companies now offer a tee shirt hair-drying towel.

Credit card for the perfect winged eye

This brilliant idea of using a credit card or a business card made waves online, many tutorial videos and “beauty hacks” emerged. A perfectly winged eyeliner can be quite difficult to achieve especially that it is very easy to smudge it. Thank god for this beauty tip, every woman can now have the perfect winged eyeliner just by placing a card below your eyes and slightly tilted to the outer edge. This is to ensure that you finish lining your eyes into a perfectly winged tip.

Applying concealer the “correct” way

For years, women have been applying concealer by dabbing small dots of it under the eyes to mask dark circles and eye bags. However, some recent articles started claiming that the effective way of applying concealer is to form an inverted triangle with the base under the eyes and the tip going down towards the cheek. This method, according to this article, brightens the eyes and the whole face instantly giving it an immediate lift even after a night of partying or pulling an all-nighter.


Have you tried any of these methods? Do you find these viral beauty hacks effective? If so, please comment below. We welcome any additional beauty tips from you.

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