Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Why the Need to Have Your Breasts Checked

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The American Cancer Society cannot emphasize enough the importance of self-check and getting a mammogram regularly. Did you know that every two seconds, somebody is diagnosed of having breast cancer? That is how frequent breast cancer afflicts millions of American every year.

I remember reading an article about a man who went to the doctor complaining of pain in his nipples, only to find out that he has breast cancer. When I initially read that article, I thought it was absurd. I even thought that the article is a satire. I have not heard of men getting breast cancers, until after encountering that article.

Breast Cancer Demographics

Based on the demographics shown by, almost 3 million women in 2015 have histories of breast cancer. Around 40,000 women are expected to die due to the disease, despite a decline in mortality since 1989. Many of us have aunts, grandmothers, sisters and mothers who had breast cancers. Having a family member with breast cancer increases your risk of getting sick with this type of cancer too.

Pink October

In order to raise awareness and knowledge about the disease, the American Cancer Society created the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Every October, non-government organizations and philanthropists work hand in hand in order to organize events that can help inform the public about breast cancer. Another purpose of the said event is to raise funds for continuing research regarding the cure for breast cancer.

Some of the activities prepared by the organization includes National Mammography Day. It is celebrated every third Friday of October. This year, it will be celebrated on the 16th of October. The day serves to remind women the importance of getting a mammogram since it plays a significant role in detecting breast cancer early on.

Other activities include the Breast Cancer Care Fashion Shows in London where models are all diagnosed breast cancer patients. The show will take place on October 7. Oklahoma City, on the other hand, organized the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk which will be held on October 31 at the city’s Adventure District.

For more information on breast cancer, visit or the official website of the American Cancer Society.



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