7 Easy Tips to Beat Fatigue

tired manOftentimes, we feel tired because of lack of sleep or too much physical activities. Stress, anxiety and depression can also lower our energy. There are a plethora of reasons why we feel sluggish throughout the day. Sometimes, all it needs is to kick out bad habits, change diet or simply change at how we perceive life in general. Here are 7 simple tips to help keep your energy up throughout the day:


It seems like exercise can sap your already dwindling energy, but the truth is, it can immensely help sustain your energy levels throughout the day. Regular exercise aids in conditioning the cardiovascular system. This means that endurance and stamina is developed. It also increases the nutritional and oxygen supplies in the body. Here’s the most important tip – never skip exercise even if you feel tired. Make it a habit to do some cardio workouts at least thrice a week.

Drink water

According to registered dietitian Amy Goodson, dehydration can cause energy levels to crash. Even a slightly dehydrated level at 2% can cause the blood to thicken, which in turn, overworks the heart when pumping. This lessens the heart’s efficiency to bring nutrients and oxygen to tissues and slows down the flush out of toxins in the body.

Take iron supplements

Iron helps in transporting oxygen to different parts of the body. The lack of iron or anemia causes irritability, fatigue, lack of focus and weakness. As a tip, take vitamin C together with iron supplements. It will increase the level of iron absorbed by the body.

Never skip breakfast

Eating breakfast jump starts your metabolism rate. Eat breakfast in the morning helps sustain your blood sugar level until lunch time. Even if we asleep, the body still consumes the nutrients from the food that we eat during dinner. That leaves the body the need to refuel in the morning.

Avoid junk foods

Junk foods contain loads of sugar and carbs that can spike up and then drop blood sugar levels quickly. This constant spike and fall in blood sugar can make a person feel tired. Rather than reaching for a bar of chocolate or a piece of donut when hungry, go for high fiber and protein rich foods instead.

Clean up and declutter

Cleaning up and decluttering your home and work desk can also do wonders. Having a messy home and work desk can project mental exhaustion. Psychologically, this can add up to your fatigue especially at the end of the day. In addition, having a messy desk can cause disorganization which can decrease work productivity.

Leave work on time

Being able to say no to work can be a great source of fatigue. Always keep a balance between work and personal life. It can help avoid burnout as well.   There are a variety of reasons why we feel tired. It can be physical, psychological or emotional. Pause, take a deep breath and analyze what’s keeping you fatigued. Sometimes, all it takes is to pause for a while, re-organize and set your priorities straight.   Photo credit:  B Rosen

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