Why women are struggling to lose weight


If you are a woman, you certainly know how hard it is to maintain a perfect line. You’ve read countless articles, reviewed millions of pages in order to find the perfect solution for your problem. And it was all in vain. Many diets, lots of information, lots of exercise resulted in failure. So much time has been invested and the result is disappointing.

Excess weight loss for women has always been a big problem. In addition to all of their obligations, they are now required to look fit. Although the appearance is very important in today’s world, it certainly should not be the main reason for weight loss. Excess weight has a negative impact on health and therefore, everyone should always strive for a normal weight.

Although there are a million different diets, many women are still not able to shed unwanted pounds. Finally, the real experts have begun to address the issue of weight loss, and as a result of their hard work we know now why it is so hard for women to lose weight.

The truth behind weight loss for women

All the research shows that one master hormone is responsible for weight loss, and it`s called Leptin. It controls 100% of the body`s ability to burn fat.

So the secret is out, we finally know the main villain for our body weight. If we want to know how to solve our problem, first we need to understand what this hormone does.

High levels of Leptin will speed up our metabolism and our body will burn fat. However, low levels of Leptin will slow our metabolism and our body will store fat.

Although women have twice as much Leptin in their body, the newest research shows that they can be three times less responsive to Leptin`s signal to burn fat. So basically, they are not using their fat burning potential and this condition is called “Leptin Resistance”.

Unfortunately, that is not the only problem.

When dieting, the level of women`s Leptin can drop twice as much and twice as fast. That means your metabolism will hit the brakes and you won`t lose weight.

So, after you stop with the diet, your Leptin levels drop even more, making your metabolism even slower than before.

There are two problems why women are struggling to lose weight:

1-      Women`s resistance to Leptin`s signal to burn fat

2-      When women stop with their diet, the level of Leptin rapidly drops and it slows down metabolism, so they will gain weight quickly

It appears that it is very hard for women to lose weight because the Leptin’s signal that burns fat is ‘disconnected’.

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