Celebrities Who Have Admitted to Having Plastic Surgery

Celebrities are under constant pressure to look amazing and youthful.  Is it really possible to achieve those incredible results without medical intervention?  These celebrities have admitted going under the knife to uphold their beauty.

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Lisa Kudro

Lisa Kudro best known as Feebie on the sitcom “Friends” has been open about her nose job.  Kudrow has said that her first plastic surgery took place when she was 16.  Kudrow said that the surgery was “life altering” and it helped give her the confidence to make friends and date.  There has been a lot of speculations Kudrow had breast reduction surgery not soon after joining the cast of “Friends.” A lot of gossip web sites have posted supposed “before and after” photos showing the difference in her breast size, but Kudrow insists she hasn’t had any work done on her breasts.
One thing is clear: Kudrow hasn’t had any work done on her face since that teenage experience with a nose job. She’s obviously aged naturally over the years, without any signs of the nipping and tucking that is seen on faces all over Hollywood.

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