Why Companies Should Offer Chiropractic Services

chiropracticEveryone gets tired and stressed out at work. Everybody deserves to have a break and to unwind. One of the best things a company can offer to its employees is a wellness program. It could be anything from aerobic exercises, dance classes, a workout space, spa services or maybe chiropractic services.

Chiropractic services are not only for those suffering from any illness or orthopedic condition. Chiropractic care can also help the body restore its natural processes and normalize bodily functions.

Based on chiropractic principles, the spine’s misalignment can cause a disruption in the normal flow of nerve impulses throughout the body. This, in turn, causes the body to “malfunction”, resulting to several illnesses.

We know that health is very important in the corporate world. If employees do not take care of their health, it can lead to a decrease in their productivity. Manpower is the driving force of every business, and once productivity rate decreases, the business would most likely suffer.

Why Implement an On-Site Health Clinic?

Based on a research published by the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, chiropractic plays a major role in providing patient satisfaction, quality of care and savings for employers.

The study entitled “The Growing Role of Doctors of Chiropractic in On-Site Corporate Health Clinics”, was authored by Laura Carabello, Gerald Clum, Lauren Kennedy and William Updyke.

According to the report, companies with more than 70 employees initially conceptualized the on-site corporate health clinics. It was started not only as a fringe benefit for high-wage employees but also as a way for employers to reduce the time spent by employees away from work.

Since its implementation, employers saw an improvement in primary care access, reduction of health care costs and a good alternative for health care services for the employees and their dependents.

The Role of Chiropractors in Corporate Health

The study further explored the benefits of chiropractic care inclusion. According to the results of the study, chiropractic care results in lower utilization of physical therapy, emergency and outpatient services and radiology services.

Despite the lower utilizations of these services, patients still achieve improvement in neuro-musculoskeletal functions. Moreover, employers save more because employees tend to utilize a more conservative or less invasive treatment approach.

Most companies report musculoskeletal disorders as the number one reason for employees seeking health care services. Chiropractors employed by the companies commonly treat low back pain cases. According to Dr. Blake Howard, DC, almost 45 percent of his patients treated have musculoskeletal disorders.

Meanwhile, Dr. Doug Endel, DC of Modern Medical Inc. conducted a survey regarding patient satisfaction and relief after chiropractic care. The survey showed that a 90 percent patient satisfaction following chiropractic care; 83 percent reported an overall improvement in their health; 64 percent saw an improvement in their job performance; 18 percent reported a decrease in personal health-related expenses and 100 agreed that chiropractic care is worth recommending to their co-workers.

Following this positive outcome of including chiropractic care in a corporate health clinic, companies should consider including as one of their benefits to reduce health care costs while maintaining employee job satisfaction.
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