Healthy Holidays: ‘Tis the Season to Lose Weight!

healthy holidaysIf you’re trying to lose weight or stick to a diet plan, having “happy holidays” is not always the same as having “healthy holidays.” From work functions to family parties, it can be a calorie-loaded minefield for the unprepared!

Fortunately, you do not have to “eat your way” through the holiday season! We’ve compiled our top tips and strategies for enjoying the most wonderful time of the year without ruining your health goals.

Top tips for having a healthy holiday

Even though there will be no shortage of temptations, if you use a few simple strategies you can avoid the holiday pounds!

Don’t Skip the Workout! If you’ve been on top of your regular workout plan, why stop now? Everyone gets busy this time of year, but if you’ve established that fitness is a priority, don’t skip it!

If you’ve got a crazy schedule, many top trainers recommend getting ANY amount of workout time in. Even just 10-15 minutes of working out will help curb weight gain. Plus, when you do your workout (or even a part of it) you’ll be reminding yourself of the fitness and health goals you want to achieve.

Pressed for time? Try some interval training! The Mayo Clinic has a detailed description of what interval training is and how you can use it to get an effective workout in very little time!

Often, scheduling your workout into your day will ensure that you get your sweat on. You can also try getting up just 15 minutes earlier for the holiday season.

Holiday Meal Planning – If you’ve been diligent about eating right before the holidays, there is no need to go off the rails now!

Planning meals and snacks ahead of time will make sure that you can enjoy your favorites while not destroying your diet. Have a holiday party or dinner today? Track your food intake before the get-together so that you don’t go completely overboard on your calories.

You should not deny yourself that slice of Aunt Jane’s pumpkin pie that you’ve been craving, but eating sensibly at lunch will make sure that you’ve got the calories to spare.

Portions and Snacks – When out shopping or running countless errands, it’s easy to forget to eat until it’s too late! You’re incredibly hungry and anything will satisfy. That’s a recipe for completely avoidable diet destruction!

Carrying emergency healthy snacks in your car, purse, desk, backpack or wherever will stop hunger dead in its tracks. It also will help you avoid that food court or soft pretzel line!

Having a quick and healthy snack will also help you manage portions at the holiday party. Many times all you really want is a sample of the treat or dish. By keeping hunger in check before the meal, it lets you enjoy your favorites in a manageable and healthier way.

In part 2 of our healthy holiday series, we’re going to cover several suggestions for handling mealtime and tips for enjoying your favorite treats without overindulging.


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