7 Unpopular Benefits of Zinc

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Zinc is an important mineral in our immunity. It helps strengthen the immune system so we can better fight off colds, flu and many other diseases. However, beyond being an immune-booster, people do not really know what zinc can do to the body.

1.    Zinc keeps the prostate healthy.

The prostate needs 10 times the amount of zinc compared to other parts of the body in order to stay healthy. Zinc prevents inflammation of the prostate gland known as prostatitis. In addition, zinc also helps regulate testosterone levels, which means, it also plays a role in fertility and muscle building.

2.    Zinc improves female fertility.

Just like in males, zinc also plays a role in improving female fertility. For instance, it helps the egg mature completely, thereby, regulating ovulation. In addition, it also regulates progesterone and estrogen levels and prevents PMS and the risk of breast cancer.

3.    Zinc keeps the eyes healthy.

Zinc keeps the retina healthy. As we age, the level of zinc found in the retina slowly decreases. This is the reason why macular degeneration is common in older people. Moreover, zinc also helps prevent cataract formation and night blindness.

4.    Zinc regulates insulin secretion.

Zinc regulates hormones in the body. When zinc binds with insulin, the hormone is better stored in the pancreas. In addition, the release of insulin in the bloodstream is better regulated due to the presence of zinc. Zinc also makes the cells more receptive to insulin so they absorb it better, preventing glucose from staying in the bloodstream.

5.    Zinc minimizes incidence of depression.

The relationship between zinc and depression is not really known. However, zinc is thought to regulate the production of dopamine, which is important in keeping us to feel good, prevent mood swings and provide us with a boost of energy.

6.    Zinc can help increase appetite.

Zinc helps stimulate appetite by activating the taste and smell centers of the brain. Combined with manganese and copper, zinc can be a very potent appetite stimulant especially for those suffering from anorexia.

7.    Zinc helps improve athletic performance.

Zinc keeps testosterone, insulin growth factor (IGF 1) and growth hormone at regular levels. With regular zinc intake, these three hormones can give a boost in a person’s physical performance. Zinc does this by converting androstenidione to testosterone at a faster rate. It would therefore help for athletes to take zinc supplements to enhance their performance in sports.


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